Tango engages early adopters with Usersnap

Acquiring nearly 20,000 users in their initial first two months, Tango makes the most of customer feedback to carry on the hyper-growth.

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Allow customers to get in touch easily while not overwhelming the team
invite team members
Improve product according to customers’ feedback on what is most valuable
Understand user adoption and engagement with the first product version

“Usersnap gives us insights on our users’ pain points, top requests, and use cases. It helps us to prioritize new features, improve product design, and figure out how to best provide overall value for Tango users.”

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Annie Ng, Growth @ Tango

Loved features

Reply-to function from feedback dashboard to customer email
Labeling and assigning feedback actions
Slack integration for cross-functional visibility


Elevated customer support

Usersnap’s feedback widgets provide quick and visual ways for users to reach out.
Identify top feature requests

Customer feedback bears insights for new features and the importance of them.
Customer-centric collaboration

Growth and engineering teams work seamlessly together on requests and issues.

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