Azure DevOps + Usersnap Integration

Deliver accurate feedback to teams to develop better solutions

Streamline your testing and feedback process by submitting screen captures and feature requests directly into Azure DevOps. Foster collaboration among cross-functional teams to maintain alignment throughout the development cycle.

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Azure DevOps intgeration with Usersnap

Get feedback, bugs & tasks into Azure

Once you connect Usersnap with Azure DevOps, an annotated screenshot containing important browser information is automatically sent to your Azure DevOps project whenever feedback is created with Usersnap.

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Send issues and user stories to Azure DevOps from Usersnap

Edit field values before sending to Azure DevOps

Usersnap enables users to modify field values of feedback items before sending them to Azure DevOps. This feature not only enhances customization but also improves operational efficiency.

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Two-way sync to enhance workflows

Map and synchronize status changes in both directions, ensuring that product managers and stakeholders remain well-informed about the ongoing development progress.

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Clear context to resolve issues faster

Make it easy for non-technical users to share issues and suggestions with screen capture tools. Automatically see the user environment data and console log errors attached to each feedback.

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