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Customer Feedback

Watch a demo how you can collect customer feedback, feature requests, bug reports and let your users rate their customer experience with your website or web application.

Usersnap helps you to implement customer feedback widgets easily into your products and services. Make the voice of the customer more actionable. (11:20 min)

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Quality Assurance & Testing

Watch a demo about how Usersnap can help you streamline your QA & Testing process and make it easy for your testers and users to submit bugs and suggestions. Integrate Usersnap with your existing solutions like Azure DevOps, Jira and 1,500 others. (8:00 min)

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User Acceptance Testing

Watch a demo about how Usersnap can help you to finish your web projects and software development projects faster by making the feedback from your clients easier than ever. Usersnap makes the submission of issues, changes and suggestions easy for your clients and collects them all in one place. No more emails and spreadsheets. Integrate Usersnap into your existing solutions like Trello, Asana, Jira etc. (7:30 min)

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customer feedback

User feedback platform explainer

How does Usersnap work? Dive a bit into how the feedback platform Usersnap can help your software (SaaS) company to understand your customers or how you can streamline your testing processes with visual feedback.

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