#1 Customer feedback software for growing SaaS companies

Build customer-centric products with a customer feedback software to collect and act on voice of customers via screen captures, surveys and feature request.

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How Usersnap works?

Step 1/4 Design feedback widget

Collect website & in-app customer feedback easily

Customize feedback buttons and widgets to welcome your customers. Offer feedback options such as NPS, feature request form, screen recording etc. Or trigger feedback surveys by user behavior and URL.

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Usersnap feedback widget + feedback menu button
Video feedback and screenshots directly in users' browsers
Step 2/4 Receive contextual feedback 

Capture screenshots, video feedback and user metadata

Enable browser screenshots with annotation tools or voice feedback with screen share for non-techy users to explain issues visually. User environment info and console log errors automatically attached.

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Step 3/4 Collaborate on customer feedback

Label and prioritize feedback to plan product roadmaps

Assign, label and discuss issues and requests all in Usersnap’s dashboard. Analyze feedback trends with theme labels to make the right product decision and investment.

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Usersnap feedback widget + feedback menu button
Usersnap Board to manage feedback externally and get upvotes
Step 4/4 Build customer-centric products

Scale customer engagement
and make feedback matter

Share tickets status and get upvotes on product suggestions from your community on Usersnap Board. Close the feedback loop with the reply-to-sender function. Manage feedback with ease to increase customer satisfaction.

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Try some of our feedback widgets

Bug reporting and traacking

Visual bug reporting

Offer screen capturing, annotation and voice recording tools for users to explain and submit issues easily and accurately.

NPS for website, in-app and emails

Net promoter score survey
for website, in-app & email

Enhance your retention strategy by tracking customer happiness. Improve response rates to NPS with omnichannel distribution.

SaaS product feature request form

Product feature request

Collect ideas from your daily product users. Empower the user community to vote and discuss on new features and needs.

Beta testing for SaaS and websites

Beta testing widget

Make it easy for beta users to share feedback and capture bugs. Keep them engaged with a welcome note and clear instructions.

Customer feedback button and menu

Feedback & support menu

Guide users to give feedback, get in touch or access your help documentation. Show customers you welcome suggestions.

CSAT customer satisfaction surveys

Customer satisfaction

Use pop-ups for customers to quickly rate their satisfaction levels. Follow-up with a open feedback question on how you can do better.

Short surveys for websites and applications

Website micro survey

Target website visitors with short surveys to learn what they need or why they don’t convert. Take the insights to remove conversion blockers.

Thumbs up/down embedded surveys

Thumbs up/down rater

Let your customers easily interact with your content via embedded rating systems. The easier it is for them to answer, the more answers you will receive. 

SaaS user interview interception widget

User interview invitation

Effectively recruit the right audience for your user research. Intercept your customers to schedule a call or answer a questionnaire.

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Configure, design and set live various feedback widgets to collect user feedback.

Designed for product managers, customer success teams, designers & developers to collect feedback


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